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So I didn’t want to admit this but I haven’t been able to watch SVU without thinking back to what happened to me or crying during the episode. I need to get passed this. Any Advice?????? I don’t want him taking this show away from me….

I could write you an essay on this trust me… But I won’t! The most important thing is that in making the decision whether or not you can watch it at the moment is you taking control. You need to make the decision that is best for you right now. And in making that decision no one gets to take that away from you.

You will be able to watch it again, or maybe you won’t. But you need to give it time- go back to it on your terms. Goodness knows 99% of the time I cannot watch SVU but there are times when I need to hear olivia say things such as “it’s a feeling not a fact” and I do sit down and try to watch it.

You are strong and courageous and a fighter and even if you don’t always feel like that you are all of those things and many more besides- please don’t forget that.

I wanted to personally thank you for this, I have read it over a few times in the past but I wanted to vocally thank you. I have been able to watch some episodes. But on my terms, its honestly only been old ones that I have seen before. I shook at the one that the victim was a college student with the same name as myself and changed the channel but I wanted to thank you. It is taking time but I’m slowly getting better at it. Mariska is my role model and I love to watch her portray a strong role such as Olivia. 

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